Below are answers to some common questions we've received about entering addresses on the website.

Different Shipping and Billing Addresses

Question:  The address on my credit card account is different than the address I want my order shipped to.  How can I enter a different address for Billing and Shipping?

Answer:  In order to save you the inconvenience of entering two addresses, the website will use the Shipping Address you enter as your Billing Address by default.  If you want to enter a separate Billing Address, please check the box labeled Please use another address for billing located at the bottom of the Shipping Address section.  This will display another section for you to enter your Billing Address.

Website Changes My Address

Question:  I selected my address from the list but the website replaced it with a different address.  Why does this happen and how can I keep the address I typed in?

Answer:  This can happen in rare situations where the postal address differs from the primary address in the Google Maps database.  This is more common with rural addresses.  If this happens, you can bypass the auto complete function by typing your address directly into the Address, Address Line 2, City, State, and Zip Code fields.

Partial Address

Question:  I received the message It looks you may not have typed in your complete street address.  Can you please confirm it is correct? Why did this happen and how do I fix it?

Answer:  This usually happens when you inadvertently press the tab key on your keyboard when you saw your address show up in the auto complete list of addresses.  Even if your address is the only one listed, you will still need to select your address from the list with your mouse or arrow keys before leaving the Address field.  If you press tab without selecting an address, the Address field will only contain the partial address you type in.  If the street address you entered is correct and the website is displaying this message in error, you can simply check the box labeled Yes, I really live at ... to accept the address as is.

Invalid City, State, or Zip Code

Question:  I received the message Oops! We couldn't find your city, state, and zip code in our database.  Can you please confirm or update them? Why did this happen and how do I fix it?

Answer:  This happens when the city, state or zip code fields you entered don't match existing values in our database.  This usually happens when a typo occurred while entering one of these fields but can also happen when our database is out of date.  If you have confirmed your address is correct and you are still getting this message, you can simply check the box labeled My address is definitely in ... to accept the address as is.

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The Direct Gardening Support Team
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